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Can I install solar panels myself?

18 March

When people contact us as San Diego solar panel installation experts, we often get the question “why can’t I just install these panels myself?”
This is a valid question, and obviously, yes, you can do anything yourself. However, there are several benefits to having a professional installer. Here are the main reasons our customers usually decide to work with a professional.

1) Solar panels require a lot of research

If you are the type of person that loves to look into the details of every different product you purchase, then this might be appealing. For most of us, however, the idea of reviewing a whole list of solar products can be mind-numbing. This is where a professional can help. We have worked with a variety of brands and know the pros and cons of each type. We can give you an experienced overview of the best solar panels for your style of home, and electricity needs.
When it comes to solar panel installation for commercial buildings, or even commercial electrical services, you are better off contacting an experienced professional like GC Electric to help take a look.

2) Quality of the DIY solar panel kits can vary

Most DIY low-cost solar panels are made overseas and travel thousands of miles from to reach your home. Many of them are made with outdated photovoltaic technology and provide less efficiency. If you do choose to purchase the DIY solar panels, ensure you get high-quality, top-output panels as part of your kit.
Also, keep in mind, any returns for broken or damaged solar panels may not be a simple process. Especially if bought from overseas, or through a third party distributor. While the appeal of cheaper panels is tempting, remember that often the add-on costs and risks can cause more expenses.

3) Understanding the correct sizing

In just about every case, panels from a kit designed for DIY installation won’t be as effective as a custom-designed system. This is because a custom solar panel installation is based on your property’s specific energy needs. When installing, it is important to consider what size solar panel system is best suited for your electricity usage, today, tomorrow and potentially 25 years from now?

4) Understanding the requirements of your home

A lot of the role of a professional solar panel installer is to do with measuring up your roof and considering the needs of your home. We will look at issues such as:

  • If your roof has sufficient space at the correct angles for sunlight
  • Where solar panels should be positioned and the optimal tilt
  • If your roof can bear the load of solar panels

Also keep in mind that if solar panels are not placed correctly, it is difficult to get the optimal amount of power. Over time, this may be the biggest issue that causes your costs to rise. The offset cost over time may not be worth the initial investment.

5) Getting the paperwork completed

Even if you decide on a DIY solar power installation, you’ll require a local licensed electrician to prepare the sign-off paperwork for connection to the grid. This is crucial if you are planning to take advantage of net metering.
Also, keep in mind that many of the local, state, and federal rebates which solar savings actually require the installation be completed by a licensed installer.
In conclusion: The most significant part of the process of getting solar panels isn’t just putting them up on the roof. It’s taking the time to research and plan every part of your system beforehand. The assistance of a licensed solar panel installer can help you understand how solar panels work and the basic principles in the planning process. Even though you may appear to save a few dollars up front, the small cost savings over time can work against you.

GC Electric Solar is known as one of the top solar panel installers in Escondido, Del Mar, Oceanside, Poway, and Temecula. You can trust in our experience helping to reduce energy costs for many homeowners. Our experienced engineers and solar panel installation team will ensure that your system will be installed according to the highest standards of workmanship available in the industry. Speak to us today to learn more about Solar panels installation for your home.



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