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• 20+ years of experience
• Fully licensed
• 26% federal tax credit approved
• 25 year warranty
• FREE solar energy evaluation
• $0 down with monthly payments lower than your electricity bills
• Prices are lower than national competitors guaranteed

Experienced Solar Panel Installation Experts


We are proud to be one of the top-rated commercial solar companies in San Diego for businesses that depend on us for outstanding workmanship. We place safety and quality at the forefront of everything we do while always striving to ensure your satisfaction.
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Our 25 year warranty is backed by the solar giant Panasonic and applies to all solar panel installations we do in San Diego and nearby areas. We want to make sure you're set for now and for the future.
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Our locally owned and operated company manages all of the solar installation with our in-house engineers and solar panel installations specialists. If you are looking for the best solar company San Diego has to offer, count on GC Electric Solar to always exceed your expectations.
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“Let me add to this 5 star service this company gave us! My husband was referred to Sepehr at GC Electric! Now.. I had already done some research and thought I had it all figured out… but Sepehr came in, educated us even more and he got our business! He facilitated the entire thing! The communication was excellent between him, myself and my husband! He told us when they’d be coming out to install and they were there on time!!!!!! He told us what they’d be doing, they even took pictures along the way and emailed us! They installed 22 panels on our roof, he educated my husband on the difference between the panels, where they should be placed on the roof and why and gave us a price that was the best of everyone else we looked at!”

  • Erika W.

“After meeting in person with Sepehr, I was totally impressed. He was super knowledgeable, answering every question I had and didn’t apply high pressure sales tactics.
From the minute I signed the contract through the actual installation they have exceeded my expectations. They quickly took care of getting the necessary permits, helping secure the right solar loan and came to start the installation exactly on time. The installers were professional and thorough, taking extra time to ensure everything was installed perfectly without damaging our roof and cleaning up after themselves each day they worked.

We are completely satisfied with our decision to go with G C and would recommend them to anyone who asks us.”

  • Mark S.

“We have been extremely happy with our choice to go with GC solar! Our experience with them and their service throughout the process was impeccable. Sepehr, the owner and representative we met with, was knowledgeable, extremely personable, and made the whole process flow smooth and easy.

The installation of the panels was very efficient and the crew who installed the panels was extremely courteous and respectful. The price of our system was very reasonable and affordable, and worth every penny.
We highly recommend GC Solar to anyone thinking of installing solar. They are a stellar company!”

  • Sandra W.

“From the moment I requested the quote to when the unit is switched on, it’s been a top-notch experience.
I requested quotes from many companies and GC Solar did beat all the quotes by a large margin. I meant thousands of dollars. At one point I felt its too good to be true but decided to go with them.
Sepehr was always transparent and available. He is so committed that sometimes we exchanged texts at 10 PM. I faced some issues with the bank that was processing the loan, but he even went ahead and started the project to save time even before I paid a dollar.
The project took a little over 3 weeks and I am happy with my decision to go with Sep and his team. Great Job Guys.”

  • Sree N.

Hospital Building Solar Panel Installation

Having a reliable power source is vital for hospitals to be able to effectively diagnose and treat patients. And with fuel costs rising, it’s becoming important for hospital administration to look for ways to save money. For these reasons, many hospitals and other medical facilities like doctors’ offices, clinics and rehab centers are turning their attention to solar power.

Clean, Reliable Energy for your Hospital Building

Installing solar panels will not only help you insure that your hospital’s diagnostic and treatment equipment remain running, but it will also help (in the long run) you keep down those skyrocketing operating costs. And solar power is a clean and environmentally-friendly power source. Saving lives while also saving money is something that would make any hospital administrative board happy.

Pros & Cons of Solar Panels for Hospitals

Every power source comes with its own unique set of pros and cons, and solar panels are no different. Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether or not to go solar with your hospital.


1. Save Money: By installing solar panels, you can save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on energy costs. Saving money is always a good thing.

2. Reliability and Low-Maintenance: A solar panel system doesn’t have moving parts that need routine maintenance. One less thing for you to worry about and one less cost to incur.


1. Timing is Everything: Solar power only works when the sun is out. So, at night, what you’ll need to do is either switch over to your regular power source or run off batteries that store the solar energy generated during the day.

2. Potential Structural Issues: Being able to install a complete solar panel system on your hospital’s roof is ideal, as most everything is all in one location. But if your hospital’s roof can’t support the weight of the solar panel system, then you’re looking at a split install between the roof and a floor below it. That can increase your installation cost.

Why Invest in Solar Panels for your Hospital Building

Yes, a hospital solar panel system can be a sizable investment. It is also, however, an investment that can pay big dividends. First, you’ll be confident knowing that your lighting and equipment will always have power which enables your Doctors, Nurses and other Hospital Staff to do their jobs—bettering and saving lives. In the long run you’ll realize savings on your operating expenses which in turn will allow you to invest in more cutting-edge medical equipment and other technologies.

Certified San Diego Hospital Building Solar Panel Installation Experts

Give your hospital building a clean, reliable energy source and add to your bottom line by investing in a new eco-friendly solar panel system. Contact us at G C Solar Electrical to find out how we can help you. We are your certified San Diego solar panel installation experts.

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